Delivering the Polygraph examination result

The Standards for delivering british polygraph association decisions are explained below. An examiner shall give an unambiguous analysis only when adequate physiological results are ensuing from the test, which is transparent and of high quality. An examiner should record in writing his or her diagnosis accumulated from the test data. Examiners will not deliver an unambiguous determination, while the physiological test data is not satisfactorily clear and lacks quality.

It may apply but isn’t restricted to the following: Disproportionate distortion in recordings owing to subject manipulation, records with the insufficient response, and tapes with tracing amplitudes fewer than that accepted by profession. An examiner should allow every subject a fair possibility to explain physiological reactions to relevant questions in the test. There are five exceptions: When the subject’s lawyer rejects to permit his client to take part in the post-examination interview.

And also the result of the test can give only to the lawyer, when the test is being directed by order of the court, specifying that no post-examination can take place. Another exception for the examination is instances of operational necessity and when the subject individually ordered the test and has no keen to participate in the examination. And when the person who ordered the analysis stated that no post-interview investigation should take place.Moreover, there are restrictions on delivering opinions. An examiner cannot give any report or opinion about the medical condition of the subject without being efficiently qualified to do so.

It shall not stop the examiner from telling the behavior of the subject. Polygraph result decisions will restrict to only those resulting from polygraph data.An examiner doesn’t include in any polygraph examination unless they have relevance to a precise investigation. Also, questions planned to obtain information regarding the subject’s activities, race, religious, affiliations, or political beliefs. An examiner who administers any polygraph examination in abuse of the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice can be subject to investigation, reprimand, and suspension.

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